Corporate Information

Corporate Information
Kam Air is one of Afghanistan's fastest-growing network airlines with one of the best management team.  We are soaring to greater heights by way of rapid expansion, hiring quality people and earning a high standard through quality service which we deliver to our customers.

Our airline is based in Kabul, Afghanistan, and our flight networks connects Afghanistan to the world.  Kam Air sets a priority on safety and high standards.

Kam Air Statement about Kam Air Services "Sudan"
Kam Air Afghanistan is a privately owned independent airline company and has no direct, indirect or any other relations what so ever with (Kam Air Services Sudan) which is based on their website apparently operating out of Sudan.  Click here to read more.


Schedule Air Carriage
Kam Air main line of business is the carriage of passengers on regularly scheduled flights.  We offer connections to world's leading airlines enabling our clients to have fast and comfortable connections to major business and political centers.

Charter Air Carriege
We also offer charter flights to/from Afghanistan.  All year long, we fly thousands of business travellers at a very advantageous prices.

Carriage of Goods and Cargo
Kam Air also offers air cargo carriage, having one of the high quality technologies ensure the gentle handling of shipments.

Ground Services
Aside from carrying passengers and goods, we also provide passenger and aircraft handling.  Thanks to its top-level equipment and experienced staff, Kam Air has delivered best ground handling services to its clients within Afghanistan.

Aircraft Maintenance
We pay extraordinary attention to technical aircraft maintenance.